Hour 23 – Tale as Old as Time

The first human to ever be


with spellbinding words

gifted to create

weaves of tales, anecdotes,

verses and poems, parallel worlds

the world at her feet

which somehow led astray and

she found herself

at the Devil’s gate.

Quick on her feet,

she showed him her gift

and told him a tale so rich

that he sat there enthralled

his mouth agape

happily he fed her

some cheese and grapes.

“This is my favourite,

this yellow wonder

Go on, have a taste,

just surrender.”

She nibbled at it

and then devoured it whole

“I could eat this in pies and

meats and bread rolls!”

The melted goodness captured her heart

and she began to sing odes

to this piece of culinary art.

However, this Lucifer didn’t appreciate

for the Cheese supplies at the time were severely depleted.

He didn’t want humans to

find his treasure

so he decided to make

the first poet his prisoner.

But she begged and begged

to not let her gift go waste,

So they struck a deal in haste.

She was not use her words to entice

humans to come searching

for cheese like mice.

She gave him her word

and returned home

making sure to pass this

promise along

So you see that explains

in terms quite neat

why poets have been

mysteriously silent on the

subject of cheese.


2 thoughts on “Hour 23 – Tale as Old as Time

  1. I absolutely love this! That you could create such a mystical journey as this to combine a poet and the Devil as well as cheese is absolutely glorious! It’s a clever, lyrical approach to a most unusual subject – and it gives us a wonderful understanding of why poets stay mysteriously quiet on the subject of cheese!

  2. Your tale slides to new ideas that surprised me each time – from a talent for tales, to meeting the devil, to describing cheese without saying cheese. Nice work.

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