Letters after Alejandra Pizarnik

I ask questions that go forward and backward to help
to describe what our five senses fail to give me
about the disquiet this place exudes as I write
from left to right ignoring the white spaces between words
as if seeing the black letters in their asymmetry is the key element on
this page and not the colorless absences of negative space this
typing threads throughout which stops not for day or night
and a Kabbalist might better describe as black fire on white fire in
a talmudic answer to a query that was not being asked by this
poem but might lead to a wisdom of this world

2 thoughts on “Letters after Alejandra Pizarnik

  1. Quite a strong fit for this time: questions that go forward and backward. . . .ultimately arriving at the wisdom of the world.

    I suspect that I am very much in the place of the white spaced between words, and I have been here for quite a while. You created vivid images as well as evocative stirrings and, indeed, those questions which I do not yet know how to answer. No, I do not know any wisdom these days. I will look up this new-to-me author Alejandra Pizarnik, and if I come across an answer, I will cherish it.

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