It starts with an factual voice saying
to remain still no matter what.
Ignore the messaging of the sounds.
You will travel far.

Fog horns starts the journey
and I imagine a pleasant boat trip on a clear and warm day
when suddenly everything goes bad with
radiation exposure warnings blasting

Wild electronic music pulses with
the rhythm of hard driving pistons
appear as I must have somehow avoided the
nuclear disaster

Soon I have landed with
the reviving up of cars
and the jack hammers
of road construction

There is a pause
perhaps a red light
as that voice reappears
to tell me good job but remain still

The cacophony of sounds
merge then separate and then
sequence through leaving
me disoriented as to land or sea

Unable to think,
the voice reappears to
tell me 5 minutes left
and to remain still

I concentrate hard on counting
out 300 seconds as
I used to do in high school French
and hope the voice was not mistaken

It ends with a silence
then the voice
and I can’t be sure
of anything else

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