Hour 6 – Everlasting Love

O my spring!

Every moment with you is a wild ecstasy

I have nothing to cascade, but volume of;

For every warm, for ever painting; for every young, passion of love

To wed peace and pleasure while smacking palms

With a slimy bliss for unforgettable duration…


O my all in all!

I have nothing to present, but a beaker of wine

With delicious taste and matchless kind of blissful pleasure

Let us satiate our love

At the brim with winking beaded bubbles of wine

Till the last drop of unfathomable measure…


O my mellow soul!

Even you can’t perceive my numberless mirth

For being my part like a hemisphere of earth

All my seasons within you are dwell

Ring them darling, with melodious bell

Want to frame you in galaxy of flowers

To gaze you, my bosom, hours by hours.

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