dial it back

dial it back


The dial rests in my hands –

all of time rests in my hands,




to do is

turn it





All of time rests in my hands.

Mine alone.

Only my time alters in this strange new world.

I have to choose where I go –

when I go –


or back

but once.

Only one turn,

one use only.

All else in my world would be altered.

No going back.


Would I turn the dial to 17 or 18?

Would I try that world –

that life –

would I meet you at that age?

Just to see what that would be like?

Those years were bitter and cruel for me.


Would it be worth it?

Losing all I hold dear?

Would it be worth it?


Or would I spin forward

just enough that it wouldn’t matter to anyone but us,

leaving us to ourselves,

our life,

our lives?


I hold the dial in my hand,

truly bound at a crossroads so heavy

as to buckle me under the weight of its possibilities.


I crush it to powder

with the weight of possibility,

choosing not to make a choice as the safest way out.


It was the first time I had ever taken that path.

R. L. Elke

©Aug 5/17 prompt 13

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