The Almond (hour 21)

Like a diamond

the almond

heals all ills

wrestle the wrestlers

and restore good health

add tag-team fenugreek

straight from Greek


Fenugreek attacks and defend the process

unsolicited ills are arrested

and wasted

guards are mounted

at the door post

no ill attacks

all ills are wasted



One thought on “The Almond (hour 21)

  1. Immediately that contrast between the diamond and almond got my attention. How wonderful to have the second that I can eat, give often and more freely as a gift, cook with, and grow stronger when I use it. A diamond? Nah, it can’t even compare. Reading through your poem, I was again struck by fenugreek, a plant that is completely new to me. Again, all that you address is rich, healthful, and heartful. Coming to the end of this poem, I felt much stronger, much more grounded, and hopeful about simple, strong health.

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