#3 – Rainbow of Life

Red, vibrant
In the beginning there was energy.
Or so the scientists would have us think.
It’s still around, in everything,
moving back and forth, up and down,
in circles and patterns.
Vibrating eternal life.
Flowing through you,
as the colour of your blood
matches that of my lips.

Orange, creativity
In the beginning there was creation.
Whether by external force,
or by itself –
that may be debatable.
Recreating nature’s beauty,
now that’s a challenge for life.

Yellow, wisdom
Wise men and women
are often portrayed
with grey hair.
And yet, wisdom is not
necessarily related to
age, hair or teeth.

Green, nature
Green is the colour
of all things good
and safe
and friendly.
And yet you will
throw out your cheese
when it turns green,
no matter how
natural that is.

Blue, divinity
If blue means divinity,
would feeling blue
make someone divine?
Perhaps the most
controversial colour,
with so many different meanings
in other languages and cultures.

Indigo, infinity
May we all be reborn,
as indigo children,
continuing the infinite circle
of life. Coming back.

Violet, spirituality
I believe in a spiritual
connection between all
living beings and nature,
whether we need divinity
to define it, or not, we are
all one.


Inspired by:

Rainbow colours and meanings

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