The Revolt Poet- Welcome to Peterloo (a fragment)

We are all still lain slain at Peterloo
Ill-represented, repressed,
Hearing echoes of Shelley too –
Politicians reduced to personifications
Of eternal sin.
Has anything ever been as apt as that?
Representative democracy – a pile of crap.
A single borough and school, is hegemonic
– The bureaucrats,
Remodelled, to give the semblance of the meritocrat,
When, as a matter of fact,
The dial of the thermostat,
Has not been turned a single click from the white heat
Of 1819.
Manchester Yeomanry.
You and me.
History… Repeats.
The plaque took 150 years to adorn the street
And of course, euphemistically,
Initially referred only
To the “dispersal of the military”.

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