Board Games (Hour 12)

Whether it’s on
A Friday night, after a long work week
Or a Saturday afternoon, post a heavy brunch
Or sometimes, a really free weekday evening

Whether it’s with
The same old gang that always shows up
Or a friend that I haven’t seen in a while
Or just me and mine on a date night

All it takes is
A few text messages
A few drinks and snacks
Some great background music
And of course, the library of games

Somedays, we go back to the time of war
Strategizing quickly on a chessboard
Or picking up Risk, building fleets and launching attacks

Somedays, it’s about finding the enemy
The werewolf, Mordred, or Mafia lurking among us

Somedays, it’s all of us against a common enemy
Preventing a global pandemic or zombies from relentless conquest

And somedays it’s just pure card games
Probability, partnerships, sequences, and a fair bit of luck

Sometimes it’s collegial, sometimes more heated
But there’s never anything a second game cannot fix
So I wait till the next time the opportunity presents
And I know I’ll be the first to jump

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