I Will Fly Away

The craziest thing about it that its not for real

I go and fly with a spade

Or I will fly away

It comes with a eagle and even a bird

You said that your flight will be late

But stopping in England

Going going gone

You see it in the air higher up in the sky

You don’t have to chase after it to do what you want it to do

Just in time

You have the power force to glide it with arms

Imagine how higher you will go like an eagle

Your mind just keeps on thinking bigger than you are running for the next seat in line

You will see all of the waves of colors

Trillion of them assorted golden yellowish and in other ray’s

Coming from above outer space to see

You breathe in and out

Through your mouth

You don’t know what to do anymore

Sir, Mr. Astronot

Please fly this plane into Jupiter

So. That others can see of who you are at the wheel

A planet called Mars

Or even in the twilight zone

Far away




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