Text prompt -Poem 23 My Memoirs Empowerment Defiance

  1. Text prompt -Poem 23
  2. My Memoirs Empowerment and Defiance

The memoir of Sabinah Adewole, who at the young age of four became an orphan when her dad died suddenly in a ghastly car accident in 1971 in London . Her mother a single parent had no option so returned to Nigeria in Africa on a ship in 1972 on the MV Auriel  Her brother aged seven became the unofficial guardian of his four year old sister Sabinah. This was the beginning of  My Memoirs Empowerment Defiance – a journey she was not prepared for. Her mum at the young age of 32 turned to alcohol as an escape. She was placed in a boarding school away from her familiar surroundings in Lagos in 1981. In 1995 and with a black and white photograph of her Dad in hand, she takes the leap to return to England to search for her Dad. She returns to the UK with her two sons aged 18 months and three years and this was the beginning of My Memoirs – Empowerment Defiance .

Sabìnah Adewole

As part of the Poetry Marathon


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