Flowers vol. 2

Can’t you feel the magic?
The air is alive.
Your hand is in mine, feel the electricity rise.
I’ve spent the last year tightrope walking for you in my dreams.
I’ve been talking to the flowers again. (You know how I do that.)
They whisper I got it right this time.
I find you in the hand knitted pieces of the sky.
You’re always there when I don’t even try.
You’re liquid sunshine.
I find you in every silver lining.
You arrive right on time.
I wish I could bottle this feeling.
Maybe I could just watch my heart healing.
Because I can’t forget you.
You’re engraved on my heart.
All days move exactly the same.
You encompass my brain.
It’s a silent refrain.
I sat still in an ever moving world.
I watched everything around me turn to rust.
I watched the flowers in the vase turn to dust.
I pressed down and left my fingertips on your heart.
I just want you to remember me.
Lately I hope that the memory of the warmth of your heart can’t be lost to time.
I wanna be where you are.
Because I know somewhere you’re mine.
Across the oceans or maybe in another timeline.
There is no way we don’t work when I know your hand fits perfectly in mine
She’s the music in the movie without her it just doesn’t make sense
Because when the book finds its end she is where we begin.

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