Doing My Test Prep

Here’s my set-up for the morning. I gathered three beautiful ornaments for “inspiration” to get some Christmas poems cranked out during the marathon. I also grabbed the map of my fantasy world so I can generate some poems from the characters in my fantasy series if that mood strikes me. (Hopefully it will!) I’ve got apples washed and almonds there on the table but there’s “eat-this-fast” food in the fridge along with iced coffees to make refueling myself quick-n-easy. I’m ashamed of those water bottles, but they’re convenient and recyclable.

Now I just need to prep the pets’ “additional” food bowls so those will be easy to set in front of them Sunday morning when I’m exhausted and in the home-stretch… 😉

I hope everyone gets a good night’s rest and is ready for wild creativity this weekend! I’m excited to create alongside you!

Best wishes,

Sandy Lender

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