Silver Lining (hour 13)

By Sandy Lender


Even though lately you’ve been looking at storm clouds

I need to share with you a statement out loud

Reminding you there’s more than silver linings

That glimmer is the sun that’s back there shining

The raindrops you’ve been focused on

Make way for blooms and birdsong

Let me share

They’ve been there

All along


Mariposa breezes gently blowing

Swirl aside your gloomy gloaming

And let me spread a smile with you

Set alight a laugh or two

Remind you of the good and cheer

The bright, the light, the sight of cheer

When you put aside the clouds a while

When you shout aloud the good a while

Accentuate the positive

And see the right and good to give

That glimmer is the sun that’s shining

Reflecting off a silver lining


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