What Are the Chances?

(for hour 23—a “hearing” prompt from hour 16…coz cheese is good, but I wasn’t feeling it)


What Are the Chances?


Amid a crowded amphitheater

I become the only attendee

The only fan

For I close my eyes to the swell of the synthesizer

Under the vibrato of violins on stage

And gentle build of the snare

Somewhere beneath the note he holds

I’m lifted

Whether it’s his voice

Or the pulse of the bass

It carries me above any crowd sound

All I know is the music

I’m lost in the flow

The harmony and tender rise

Crescendo to rejoin a rhythm

That pumps my blood

To this new time signature

This new motion

Amid an airy amphitheater

Of only me

What’s left of me

Filling with chords and melody



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