Love at First “Light”

I did not become real until I spoke to your mother.

I was a dream, a wish, a hope, a thought in your mind’s eye.

When your mother spoke to me she gave me life.


When you met my parents and my cousin months ago,

in October and January,

I was sure they were who you fell in love with, oh not me.


I was only a girl on the go.

Who knew I would pass your way, and you would turn around.

Reawakening my love of “Big Head Todd and the Monsters”, Japan, old school R&B, and Phil Collins…


You a mirror to my heart.

How did you know Al B. Sure was my music video Doppelgänger, or that I liked the rhymes of Slick Rick?

Six months ago you saw me with my family and saw the “queen bee” next to her “baby bee”; yes, we are all beach babies.


Smiling, you witnessed my “light”, this I never knew.

How you saw a “light” that you could love, I can barely comprehend.

“Love at first light”, who knew you would become my friend?


Who knew you would love the ocean as much as me?

You parked the break, as did I.

You left the cupboard ajar, as did I.


You love to love as much as I.

No hug was too much, or too spur of the moment,even to play music before bed?

The coincidences, too many to name.


Are we one in the same?

Can you be my twin flame?

The stars align us in the sky.

They brought us together as miracles go.


You are a shooting star come true, a prayer, a wish that was dreamt long ago.

One I cannot say that I put into the universe all by myself.

Was it you who wished for that dream-girl long ago, or was it a mother’s prayer answered?

Your’s or mine, I cannot predict the time.


It is more than true… the ” light” you see in me is the ” light” I feel from you.

Feeling happy for no reason…

I have every reason to be happy and it’s all because of you.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover


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