Ocean Lace Graces the Heavens…

Ocean you are the calling of my heart.

You push and pull at my knee caps, beckoning me to come in and play.

I respect you like I respect animals, from far away.

You are the only body of water that I break the rules for when I play hide and seek.

You make me meek and mild and wild and free like a little child who is forever fascinated by the sea.

I am more grateful for your energy than you’ll ever know. I will not ever trade you in for snow.

States of matter as in water, ice, steam, Bose-Einstein condensation and, plasma have no bearing on your state of being.

Your mix of salt and H2o help you create a living breathing netting of the finest lace across the shore line.

A sight for all to see.

Just beneath the surface you are pulsating with life and vitality. Teaming with sea-creatures, algae, coral, and mammals too amazing to name individually.

I take great pleasure in your versatility.

With over a million species of animals and plants that call your territory home, we as humans must show gratitude for sharing in your bounty and appreciating your magnanimity.

All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover



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