Big Talk

(Sorry, this one says some not-nice stuff. It’s about a not-nice person, and in no way reflects the views of the author.  If you are uncomfortable with strong abusive language, keep scrolling.)


You know what I said, girl?

I told the sons-of-bitches they could all fuck off!

But they’re still out there, spreading lies about us, kid.

Got to circle the wagons

until all this talk dies down.


Yes, I say“nigger” if I want to,

because I sing the blues.

Even B. B. King said I was a white nigger.

Anyway there ain’t no dirty words, kid,

only hurtin’ words

and they only hurt if you listen.

No one’s making you listen.


Don’t walk away when I’m talking to you.


Call me a bastard?

Call me a son-of-a-bitch?

I could shoot you where you stand, girl.

You don’t talk about a man’s mother

unless you are ready to die.


You know I won’t cheat on your mother-

don’t roll your goddamn eyes at me!

I’m not a cheating man.

You can’t understand it but

a man’s word is his bond, his honor;

aside from whiskey, it’s all he’s got.

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