#2 Kill me slowly.

Kill me slowly
Kill me slowly

1. To whom does your heart belong?

If not to me; the rose, nor to the thorn?

Into the wilderness, my dear,

the solitude, in which it was born.


2. Past be done,

long gone forgotten.

Breathe in this free air now,

I’ve chosen for you.

Oh my dear,

you touched my heart.

I am free with you,

or so I thought?


3. I saved you from storms,

I healed you scars.

I loved you when you were,

nothing but a broken heart.


It’s true you saved me,

and I owe you my life,

But sometimes I still wonder,

if I sucked you in my strife.


4. It doesn’t matter to me,

I only live for your smile.

If that’s what it takes,

I will walk with you in the aisle.


It might not to you,

but you do matter to me.

I will not let you deprive,

yourself all the love you need.


5.  Oh leave me alone now,

I got my answer.

You just don’t love me,

the way you loved her.


Oh my dear,

I do love you.

But I don’t know if as a friend,

or rebound from somebody I used to know.




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