Let me be crashing and roaring clouds.
Let me rain thunderously and with cruelty,
So that I extinquish and quench the thirst of desires.
Pieces of sparks, falling from my eyes,
Burning my attachments.
I want to be collosal rain.
Flowing and floating away.
Let me burn. Let me flow.
Let me drown. Let me float.
Oh thunderous rain!
Just flow. Let me flow.
I want to be a river.
I want to be the sea,
Merging with ‘one.’
I want to just flow.
I have taken a vow to die.
In death and life.
For I will only live in love, for love.
Where ever be my body.
My soul is placed in love.
I am a droplet…
Falling into a river,
Floating on water.
Disappearing in it.
‘You are now the river.’
The ocean is saying.
You must flow,
Yes I must flow.
Meeting my ocean I merge with it.
Let me burn, let me flow.
Let me drown, let me float.
Oh thunderous rain.
Just flow. Let me flow.
In every moment,
My whole being is filled.
What craziness has been casted on me.
What is mine.
That I can loose?
I have no fear to loose.
I sacrifice this life, as this is yours.
Whoever comes to your creek,
Drowns as they dive, sink and float.
In a handful of water.
But I must flow.
Advises the ocean.
Come and break the shore,
Seize the current. Fill the midstream.
The signs are shown.
You must flow, you must go.
Rising from ashes.
Flying away with it’s sparks, shedding those tears,
From your eyes.
Everything is fulfilled.
Everything is one.
My thirst is quenched.
My whole being is filled, for I am floating.
Let me burn. Let me flow.
Let me drown. Let me float.
Oh thunderous rain.
Just flow…
Let me flow…

2 thoughts on “Flow

  1. I love the kinetic energy, the powerful images of motion and immersion.
    I was a little disappointed when it turned out to be a love poem, because it felt like a more generalized life energy was also being expressed,
    but I am 68 and the passions burn differently in me, and mine is a passion for life itself.
    Thank you for this.
    for the power.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments. Actually it is not a love poem as in romantic way :-). It is about spiritual love , love for divine , love for self , love for nature , love for life and death!.
    Here source as ocean is what we all merge one day with….

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