hour 11. 7:52 PM.

i’m sick of waking up
at 3 AM in the morning
with your name on my tongue.
it tastes like you,
but with a hint of a bittersweet goodbye.
the darkness of the shadows
lurking in the corner of my room,
under my bed, next the windows—
they all laugh at me.
they jeer at my unease,
at my endless tossing and turning,
and at the random lyrics
that blurt from my chapped lips.
i’m sick of humming stupid love songs to myself
under the moonlight, because love
is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing,
and gods, i don’t know what i’m doing.
it’s almost 8 PM and i really need to do something
to take my mind off of you,
but somehow, everything i do
just reminds me more of you.

i’m so sick of this.

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