A Season to Stand – Prompt 7, 7th Hour

7th Hour

A Season to Stand -Prompt 7

Counsel of the suffering, the winds of change are upon us,

Blowing against the climate of discontent and disparity,

Adversities growing to heights as tall as the high-minded privileged,

And as low as the mucky seed of divisiveness and raging white supremacy and anarchist.

The burning Sun reveals the decaying carcasses of hate and greed.

This is the season that winter rains cannot even cleanse nor moisten the harden hearts of man,

Young and old march together in protest on a quest where we have fought before,

 Screaming in unbelief on police cars, they stand crying; people dying in the street,

Faces masked in defeat from a Season that has no reason – where is an opened door?

Who will  rise up and face the dark clouds that have been accumulating?

Who will take a stand

And shops are closed and the old and the youth ponder together where do we go from here,

Grandmas is dying and no one knows that 2-years old Fatima is already dead.

No one is listening to what the doctor said…

This Season has the seeds of solution, but who is willing to stop this contamination of mind –

How can the ground produce fruit, with so many fires to put out; so much pollution.

I saw Falcons fly to my neighborhood seeking refuge instinctively,

Discerning the maddening crowd.

Little food to eat, like us, are forced to retreat, quarantined,

While protest does not bring the deluge of,

Water needed to quench the centuries of inequalities that wrap around America like chains.

People of many heritages sing in the street, “I Sing America Too!.  Dejavu!

Tanks and rubber bullets can’t feel the hearts of men -” they can’t breathe!”

POTUS sits and seethes.

This is the Season to Stand!  “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few!”

Some seasons come in like a Lion and go out like a lamb.

We the people of the United States must

Not ignore the times or the season,

It is incumbent upon us all to get close enough to the fire to put it


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