Walk Through

Fifth Hour

Walk Through

What was once my refuge,
my comfort, and my home.
leaves a chill in the air,
Now I live alone.

Used to be where children’s laughter
and made-up songs filled the air,
now, it’s a sobering reminder
that I am the only one there.

It’s no longer friendly at night,
I miss the broken doorbell’s ding dong!
and the water balloon fights,
the Sesame Street sing-a-longs
and mail-ordered butterflies
taking their very first flight.

Everyday I smell a mix of stagnant water
and floral perfume.
My house is not my castle,
just an overcrowded room,
with a conglomerate of stuff,
I would never get through.
But, enough is enough!
It is time I tell myself the truth…
It is time to find a new home…
It is time to move!


City of Compton, CA 90222
June 22, 2019@12:11



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