cheers to being sick

I’ve been sick for a week

from Prague with love

the bug in my stomach

is such a needy

little thug

crackers and ginger ale

have been my friend

yet I’ve been dehydrated

and exhausted

with no sight in end

so I took to my bed

since Monday I’ve been

and I started my first

eight marathon hours

totally getting it in

but I wanted to take

a nap, because I was tired

now I’m up every hour since 154a

booted and wired

trying to talk myself back to sleep

look at all the prompts I’m missing

and then counting sheep

the REM sleep I’ve been wishing

for and yet I can’t sleep because

I’m missing out on poems that I could write

so before I head off to church

I’m going to play catch up to what

I’ve missed, and write and write and write

is that alright?

I pray that that’s alright


FJ original 2016

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