Prompt 24… the road less traveled

here in the final hour

where I slept the

last 10 hours in

sickness to renew

my health

I am playing

catch up

challenging my

mind and my hands

and my mouth

to produce

poetic undertakings

of heart and


no sleep

no success

no stories

left to tell

until this last one

is written

the words pouring out

like morning coffee

percolating in the

machine and the cream

and sugar on the counter

blending to perfection

tasting like heaven

each sip more sweeter

than the last

yet the first sip reminiscent

of each tender moment

shared across the

screen, and the


stroke after stroke

of professing minds

unleashed thoughts

unspoken feelings

to strangers

capturing the moments

creating the moods

calling the moments

to be still

for a short while

here in the corner

of peace and quiet

where all the house

is in REM sleep

and even the dog

has returned to

melodic rhythms

of slumber

I write, I breathe

and I exhale my

life lessons on a

crisp clean sheet

of promise and

hope and declare

the world is my oyster

the truth of my story

is mine to tell

my words to expel

and my heart does feel


to gather the heart

of the matter

upon paper

watching colors of

ink splatter and

to share with the

world my stringing

of words, that will

bring light and life

to humanity


FJ original 2016

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