The Inner Most Thoughts of a Nomad

It use to rub me

like vapor rub

the wrong way

and I would

break out in hives

when someone

would ask me

why don’t you settle down

this type of living

brings me clarity

as it does community

but sometimes

I want to settle

this wandering soul

and build my own

place, call it home

and plant a garden

full of vegetables

and herbs

but staying in one place

would rack my last

nerve, so I move

on, from place to place

and job to job

a good person

who doesn’t steal, cheat, or rob

but no one cares

when you don’t have

a piece of the American dream

I’m just seeking the peace

of mind, if you know what I mean

why do folks have to be so mean

it seems that what I eat makes

them poop

and where I lay my head

at night, is where they rest and recoup

I enjoy seeing new cultures

and communities on my travels

hitting the highway, the railways

the airways, no matter what

I don’t play in the gravel

of complaining

I enjoy the sun shining

as much as I do the raining

because I know each

day life is alright

and every time I lay my

head down at night

I’m tucked in a warm bed

a roof over  my head

and I know it’s already been


that it doesn’t belong to me

but I have my

home of joy and sanity

which you can’t buy anywhere

these days

so i’ll put on my traveling shoes

and enjoy my Nomad ways


FJ original 2016

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