HOUR 10 Missing you…


I had no idea that your death would mean the death of me.

Well a part of me. The part that loved you, more than I knew.

You among many, always stood out.

Your laughter and kindness never diminished, no matter what.


Someone needs this, someone needs that.

Don’t worry, Mom does it all, expecting nothing in return.

She’s there because you need her, she’s there because she cares.


I noticed on her fridge, there are pictures of you,

and you, and you. She loved her family and friends

more than most do.


She lent you that money, though she needed it to.

She wrote it off as a gift, what else, would SHE do.

Another stayed all summer, creating more debt

she opened her heart and her home, with no regret.


And when you were sick she was always there.

With your favorite foods that she would prepare.

Her heart was so large, I thought it would burst

you never hungered or needed, or suffered a thirst.


I cry as I write this, for I should have done more.

You loved me and hugged me, nurtured for sure.

Each tear I cry is love for you.

You said that I’d miss you.

You know that I do.

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