Virgin Marathon Poet

I’m a native New Yorker; born in Brooklyn, brought up in the Bronx.

I started reciting silly little ditties as a young child and enjoyed it..

My kid brother had a storyteller at his beck and call. Sadly, I never put a word on paper, only whispers in the night for years. I would tell my brother a story until he fell asleep. I did that every night. Jay, would remind me where I left off and the story would continue. I called it, “The Never Ending Story.” Years later a movie came out with that title, someday I’ll get to watch it.

I started writing poetry in a composition notebook when I was sixteen. My poetry was life driven. I haven’t written a poem in over forty years. Shame on me.

This opportunity excites me. I hope it’s the catalyst that awakens my poetic soul.

Have fun and good luck, everyone.



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