2 Whose woods these are

Whose woods these are I think I know
or do I?

I’ve always loved this poem.
It’s the only one I remember from grade school years
and can quote lines from even today
though I found it on my own.
They didn’t teach poetry at my school.
The gentle rhyming
the sing song nature of it
speaks to me.

The imagery takes me to this forest
these woods
and I am solitary and at peace for once
taking a break
watching snow gently fall and build
like I used to at my grandmother’s house.

I loved to see the deer make an appearance
in the field that lay before the trees
as they watched and searched for food.
I hoped my uncles didn’t maim or kill them.
They seemed like such gentle creatures
only wanting to live.
And I just wanted to pet and hug them.

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