Poetry Marathon Hour 12:

Well, if I complete this poem, I’m half way there – I can do this – I can get this out and successfully.

There is no real and actual prompt here – but at the same time – I’ve been doing these cute collages between poems and this is kinda inspired by the most recent collage I made.


Poem 12:

My love, it has been far too long since

I’ve sat down and opened these veins for you –


taken all the things going on in my life and

condensed it into a letter that only you would

ever take the time to read, to understand, or

consider responding to. A piece of paper

folded three times to ensure that all the words


get to you – exactly as they were intended to.

And there is a certain level of artistry that

goes into each and every letter mailed out to you –

usually on Fridays so that it will arrive on

Monday when you need it most – because I


have gotten this down to an exact science.

Just for you, for the person I am able to be

between lines of spilled ink and well-considered

intentions – conversations – and authentic questions.


My love, it has been far too long since

I have taken the opportunity to write to you –

and today is the day that shall be remedied.


Once and for all.

-M. Rene’

Sincerelybluejay Poetry


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