Poetry Marathon Hour 8:

For this one, a friend of mine specifically requested a poem about ramen – so here we go, but since I just wrote a recipe poem for 7 – I’ll have to do something different for 8.


Poem 8: An ode to Ramen:

This is my ode to Ramen – fancified:


Whenever the grey clouds begin to

settle in within my heart and somehow

won’t actually reach the skies around –

I watch howl’s moving castle and

eat ramen. Fancified by laziness


with diced vegetables, fresh cheese,

heavily spiced chicken, and cracked eggs

soaked in water hot enough to create a

broth out of anything – be it mustard or

honey or more seasoning than the chicken.


I curl up in fuzzy socks two sizes too big

and sweatshirts with way too much history

for any inanimate object to deserve in full.

I stare out the window at the real world and

everything else that happens without me.


This is my ode to Ramen and all the people

I’ve ever shared it or the cloudy days with.

-M. Rene’

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One thought on “Poetry Marathon Hour 8:

  1. This is so evocative, I can see myself doing exactly this on a cloudy day (one of my favorite movies!) and I think I actually have, come to think of it! My favorite lines are these, though: “sweatshirts with way too much history / for any inanimate object to deserve in full.” I’ve held onto different bits of clothing just for that reason. Not a very effective follower of Marie Kondo, lol. Thank you for the charming mental road trip!

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