Poetry Marathon Prep Pt. 3

This is my first time participating in the Official Poetry Marathon – and I thrive on the community aspect. So I’m excited to lean into that culture of togetherness, while also putting my personal spin on this event. So I’ve got everything set up to host a 24 hour charity live stream on twitch.tv during the official poetry marathon. There will be prompts – for people who choose to use them, and space to share the things you create, and lots of amazing people to cheer us all on as well!


As I prepare for this event, I’m planning meal prep for the day of to save on time and energy, I’m working on gathering prompts, I’m promoting the stream, and I’m celebrating our charities as well! The charities I’m encouraging the support of during this event are To Write Love on Her Arms and The American Academy of Poets. I’m also pre-saving posts to release on my social media accounts with prompts for every hour – each account will have different prompts so people can pick and choose what works best for them.

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