10 thoughts on “Skay Hour 11

  1. I love this! I used to be an avid gardener when I had the room! Great use of personification. The poem flows beautifully! The only comment that I could make is more a question about Syntax. You have some punctuation happening at the very beginning and then it ends-why? Beautiful poem! Well done! Maybe add to the chorus: Nurture Us! etc.

    1. Thank you!
      About the punctuation, I would chalk it to being the first version. I have yet to take my edit pencil to all my poems this year.
      Thank you again!

  2. This was my favorite of your works from this marathon 🙂 It’s fantastic and I love the personification of the garden. Especially the ending with “we’re your children too”. Also really liked “Cauldron of sanity” – Thanks for sharing your writing with us!

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