Rakkhosh (Demon)



It was said that the village had to feed him
Everyday, bringing food by the cartload

Or else, he would grab a villager and kill,
And that would be his dinner!

Fear and despair raged in the vicinity
And no one was able to do anything,

Until a wise old sage appeared one day.
He asked the villagers to gather at dawn

When the demon was asleep,
And prepare a bonfire. They did as he asked.

Soon flames leapt up to the sky, crackling with dried wood and a roaring wind;

And the demon, getting up lazily, confused,
Walked to the open field to see.

The sage wasted no time in getting his plan
Together. Getting the bull, a villager suddenly

Charged at it, waving a red flag,
Terrified, enraged, the bull ran straight into

The demon standing behind the man who had swerved away in time….

The demon crashed down the hill in a
Mighty fall, and was never heard if again!

Smeetha, responding to prompt 17.

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