It’s 9am and I woke up because I felt you, I tossed my body to roll over as if the unconscious part of me knew you were not even there, dreaming in the awake moment of needing you a fantasy is created, I’m sure you’re sleeping in silence right now comfortable in knowing you are where you belong, I try not to admit it but I know you sleep different there….home…. in the solitude of it being your space, with me you barely sleep, not just because of the way our bodies exist to stay up so long in the passion of a beautiful love making mess, but also because you are not in your domain… when you’re with me I always wake to you being awake, I’m sure your mind wanders when you lay your head beside what you love leaving another pillow empty of your love, but who am I to speak on my thoughts when there are feelings involved…

One thought on “Reality

  1. This is so evocative… I want to go back a few hours and read this before the sun began shining in my window. Love the line, “…when you’re with me I always wake to you being awake…” That line will stay with me.

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