Stef with an “f”

Hello, fellow writers!  I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Stefanie. You can call me Stef but when you notate me please please please spell my name correctly. It’s the only thing I can really call mine. Plus, it rhymes.  Stef with an f.  Easy, right?

Currently I am involved in a writing group, known as Foothills Writers. We meet each Wednesday for several hours as we endeavor to complete works that maybe have sat on the shelf for too long. Or perhaps timing has been off.  Nonetheless, we’ve decided now is the write time.

My husband recently retired. We are both 55 years of age. We have three grandsons whom we love dearly. We are finding what living is like on the slower side. You know, the kind where life doesn’t pass you by and you wonder where it all went but rather the kind where you sit. You ponder. You just be.

I look forward to the new challenges writing presents.  As I near the finish line for completion of my first planned published book, I am approaching it with caution and care.  What if no one reads me?  What if my stories aren’t as great as I believe them to be?

I also have a blog on Facebook: Wandering Through The Bible.  On June 19, it will be six years old.  Check it out!  I welcome new followers.

This is me in a nutshell. I hope the experience of joining this poetry marathon broadens my horizons and challenges me to stretch out in areas that previously I have not tried before. I also look forward to reading from others and being inspired by them.



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