Can We?

If we had the earth implanted in our womb,

Would we nourish ourselves more?

Would we care for her better?

Would we look down at the plants and trees and rivers, as we would look down at our own beautiful growing belly,

Knowing that with each breath, each thought, each bite of food, each sip of water creates the growth of the forests and fields that will soon provide us with nourishment, medicines, fresh air, and a place to revel in beauty.

Would we have more intention to do what is best for the earth? Would we give ourselves more time to prioritize it’s wellbeing?

Would we put it above all else? Would we love ourselves more wholeheartedly knowing that this alone would improve the world.

If we saw ourselves as the divine mothers that we are, would we feel empowered? Would we console the troubles of the terrified world by taking as much of it in our arms and shooting it with the nurturing power we have?

Would we take every wounded soul capable of creating destruction and hold it close allowing anger and greed to melt into grief and sadness and from there would we rebuild these souls by feeding them with all of the love we have.

Could we fill them full enough that they sleep and steep in only love, waking up anew. If we act as the Divine Mothers we are, can we wake up the world?

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