I miss…

Another week of lockdown,
I’m concerned about my weight,
But it’s been hard to stay on track each day,
When things are not so great,
I’m trying not to worry though,
And I say that I feel fine.

I was pretty sure that I would know, When I needed to draw a line,
But each week quickly turned to two,
And while I act like I’m okay,
I know exactly what to do.

But it gets harder day by day,
You see I’m finding it pretty tough,
Though I really don’t know why,
I thought I should have known enough,
To be able to get by.

Now two months have already been and gone,
And I’m longing to go back,
I know I’ve put a few pounds on,
But I can’t get back on track.

I miss the inspiration,
And I miss the laughter too,
That feeling of elation,
That they feel the way I do.

I miss the friendship and the chat,
When things don’t go as planned,
I miss knowing as a matter of fact,
That they really understand.

And should this poem strike chords with you,
I now know what I need to do,
I need to see my troop.

You’ll be welcome back in group,
It doesn’t matter which space we share, It’s the smiles that mean the most,
That slimming world feeling is always there,
So get in touch when you read this post.

2 thoughts on “I miss…

  1. This is an absolute joy of a poem! I so identified with the emotions you were going through in this lockdown – and I really caught the deep sense of loss that you are experiencing when you’re away from your friends…but the crafty (and very delicately placed) comments about your weight really hit home in the last couple of lines when you mentioned Slimming World! I know exactly what you mean about that sense of camaraderie – and I hope you get to meet up with your troop soon!

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