24. The View from my Window

The birds have gone to sleep There is no moon to behold I hear a distant sound of a dog barking And the sudden rush of a car passing by In case you’re wondering where I’m at In Malaysia my lovelies where dusk has arrived…

Hour six

It’s one of those nights when I try to forget you (when I try to set free the stars of your memory)   The ink flows and speaks of you   you become my muse   And I’m left with a notebook full of you….

Hour five

We sneaked into an old  abandoned gym   alone with the dusty equipments surrounded by Grey floor, cream walls and rustic windows   I was on the bench press when I saw your face upside down   you helped me lift a heavy iron barbell…

Photo: Shala Lang

Hour two

Your kiss like sweet sangria— slowly   loosing its red to my tongue.   lingers on my tongue.   my tongue wants more.

Hour 24 – Just Me

In Bitter Darkness In bitter darkness dwells a troubled mind. While longing for a true love to adore, Deep loneliness is all that it can find. Sweet fantasies play brief and then rewind, Deep midnight dreams upon a rocky shore, In bitter darkness dwells a…


Cunning fox, lithe red form and brave, black bear lead the girl over sidewalk through concrete jungle decorated with a spray can among leftover flora. Or maybe, she leads them.

Hour Nineteen

Memories are nasty things Kicking up dust Settling into corners Sometimes, yesterday Weighs so heavy I cannot get out of bed My therapist says I live In the past, forget today He lacks credibility, though right It’s his talk of religion I mistrust, foul concept…

What do you see?

Look at the sun, What do you see? The star, God Feel heat or a motivator? Which tells you That one will always rise again!   Look at the moon What do you see? A lover, A satellite Feel nice or strength ? Which tells…

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