Exercises in Perspective

I see through many other eyes And feelings share as though inside The heads and hearts of beasts and men I am when dreaming, now and then. I walked in Tudor times again As someone’s loyal and trusted friend. A family of monstrous men And…

Mukti (prompt 6, Hour 5)

The tension recedes as I lift away. Nothing binds these snowy wings. I sail high as the eye can see. A speck of dust, brilliant in the sunlight. A crystal fracturing into color. Three times I circle your face, before I vanish. At last free.

Siren song

one flick with one tail whisp of white whipping past battering the bow drowning a dream that drove him for decades prompt 16

Hour Two: Meet Again

Author’s Note: This poem is dedicated to my Darryl & Diana series. In the origin story, Darryl is dead, and Diana is not. This is a poem describing Diana’s longing for Darryl. Her longing is strikingly similar to the longing I have for someone who…


Writing, Pencil on the finger tips Ink on the hands This has been my life   Telling Stories to entertain Stories to amaze This has been my life   Sharing With my friends and family With students and co-workers This has been my life  …


Poem TWENTY has been removed and now appears on chocolate is a verb, 18 August 2016.