Hour Two: Meet Again

Author’s Note: This poem is dedicated to my Darryl & Diana series. In the origin story, Darryl is dead, and Diana is not. This is a poem describing Diana’s longing for Darryl. Her longing is strikingly similar to the longing I have for someone who I lost in real life, but since it’s hard to directly talk about, I’m using Diana’s point of view to indirectly talk about it. Her story has more hope than mine does. Enjoy.

For every moment I breathe,

I remember that you no longer do that.

I remember that you are gone,

out of my life forever it seems.

So forever ago that meeting you feels like some distant fantasy,

like some dream that I woke up from, never to experience again.

And that makes it so hard so breathe every day.

The only thing that helps me to know that you were more than a distant fantasy

is all the signs that your soul is still alive, still here somehow.

They are small but still there,

somehow, some way.

I’ll never know how it’s possible,

but at least I’ll know that we shall meet again,

long lost friend…

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