Windows of My Soul

I look out and see the possibilities of my life.  A vast terrain that I’ve yet to explore.  It is growing and beautiful, ripe to be tilled.  There overhead flies an eagle showing me the heights that I can reach.  I hear the song. I…


Everything I know of me I know because of you.  Without your love, my existence wouldn’t have a clue.  My literal identity is bridged inside your smile.  My heart reaches through eternity, connecting through the miles. Thank you for being the one to teach me…

Strong and Silent

A marvelous artist with a perfect eye captured her better than a photographers’ lens.  Her countenance stood out from the shadows showing the victory over her pain.  Her porcelain skin was flawless and yet looked cold to touch.  She now lived comfortably in her soft, black velvet…

From A Boys Eyes

I strolled along a crooked road, the journey was so long. I had to pack for 30 days and sang a month of songs. The trees were all so very tall. The sun, it shone so bright. I wasn’t sure I would be found again…

Boss Hummingbird

I assume she’d tired of her nest. Maybe she just felt like the patio was best.  Less stress.  She is very protective of the place. Not sure why she would need so much space.  Just not commonplace.  She runs everyone out of her patio room….


Scream! You can’t be heard. The vacant space surrounds you like a child in a womb. It is never ending. It is everywhere. The quietness is so loud. jj2017

Hour Twleve: A Moment of Triumph

Author’s Note: Yet another time and the last time I will be ignoring a prompt in this 2017 Poetry Marathon. I will be concluding this marathon with a poem about a dream I had. Enjoy reading. I once was in a sacred cave that had…

Intimate Dinner

Away from the crowd Where it’s quiet, my love Let’s share this moment In candlelight, my love Just me and you at this table for two Shut out the world’s sights and sound Let’s enjoy our love jj2017

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