A great land

We all come united as one

We decided to build a great nation, a nation where peace and unity resides, a nation where there is hope for the younger generations

We toil hard, it’s painful but still we do not give up, we know it will soon be completed and nations will come to see who lives here and how they were able to make a country for themselves

They were tired of being called foreigners everywhere they went and they found a land that is not on the map and didn’t belong to anyone

Deep down they knew it wan an answer to their prayer God has decided to bless them with a home that they can call mine, that they can say they are citizens

They decided that their land would be called God’s land as he made it for them they are to worship him however they deem fit but no idol must be found in anyone’s tent lest the person be ostracised

In later years the beliefs changed and the freedom to choose your religion and worship and other God came and now the society is in a great turmoil because of sin

Now they kneel begging their ancestors to communicate with their fathers but their pleas has fallen on deaf ears because when the ancestors called to them and spoke to them they didn’t listen

Later out of pity they said change thy ways love thy neighbour as yourself obey God’s commandments and then come in soberness to ask for mercy




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