Listen to your environment

Things talk to us but we have gone deaf to listen to them speak

They tell us to be careful, the stone on the road tells us if you hit me you’ll be bruised and most likely fall

The puddle of water tells us your leg will get dirty and if you continue doing it, you can most likely get athlete foot

The naked connected wires on the floor tells us to be careful else we will be electrocuted

The blaring of horns tells us to be careful else we will be hit and we might die

When we see the pharmacy it tells us if you’re sick buy your drugs here lest you die

Even snacks talk to us, you’re hungry i am sweet eat me but first check the expiry date else it will lead to food poison

Even our data tells us to read more about an app and the restrictions and also about our privacy but no we don’t even bother

We have becoming deaf not listening or caring about our environment or what they say to us and when we fall into danger we start asking God why??

Let us all become sensitive to avert the impending dangers of this world that we caused

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