Daddy’s Voices

Daddy speaks in many different tones,
At the time of birth until you are grown;
He uses these voices as a guide,
To set rules, which his children must abide.

First, is the voice of authority,
It shows his towering seniority;
Daddy may sometimes deny a request,
Kids feel saying no is what he does best.

Second, comes a timeless expression,
One that will not bring about depression;
Happiness is among Daddy’s favorite traits,
An “I Love You” makes a smile easy to create.

Next is a man who looks cross,
He only shows kids who’s boss;
Although, Daddy’s upset when youv’e done wrong,
His firm but gentle hand makes children strong.

Finally, Daddy shows an assertion of reason,
It’s a voice reserved for every season;
Weather it be winter, summer, fall, or spring,
I always cherish the joy that Daddy brings.


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