Springtime Magic

One clear, warm Sunday afternoon,
Just after a fresh April shower,
Befell on the quarter moon,
Pansies and lilies were in full bloom,
Producing a tall colorful flower.

As I sit on the rickety porch swing,
With an ice cold Pepsi in my hand,
A bluebird begins to softly sing,
So pleasantly his happy tune rings,
From Oklahoma all the way to Disneyland.

Then, two squriles scamper up a tree,
Chasing the black and gray kitten,
Who was trying to become free,
Of harmful insects such as bumblebees,
to avoid being violently bitten.

When slowly turning my head,
I see four excited children,
Their tiny faces a shade red,
Two playing tag, two lacing new Keds,
Hoping their fun doesn’t have to end.

This scene is by no means tragic,
It is only full of happy bliss,
Peace like this is what i wish,
For it’s hard for anyone to miss,
The glowing springtime magic.


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