The Long and Winding Trail

t began in the year nineteen hundred and twenty,
With many Indian tribes working just to earn a penny.
They set up their tee-pee homes,
And let the sheep, cow, and buffalo roam.
But then one terrible day,
The government forced them away,
From the lives they had lived everyday.

This is what started the tribes hard trip,
Down a long and winding trail they whipped.
Across the timbered hills and open prairies they went,
Marching through the flat wilderment,
Through the green grass and open spaces they progressed,
As the tribes were very depressed.
However, they could not stop for a long rest.

As the tribes endured the long hard struggle,
With many lives lost during the hard, cold, frost,
The tribes’ faith and hope were never lost.
During difficult times, tribes turned to each other,
To love help, and support one another,
Suddenly, a breeze blew through the trees,
As they marched down the trail, it put them at ease.

Many people put up a brave front,
As they searched for deer and elk to hunt,
But many others continued to fight,
To the surviving children, this was a fright.
For they did not understand,
When they watched a common man,
Die right before their eyes on fruitless land.

Over time, the journey did pay off,
Out west they cleared land, and built the haylofts.
A whole new world where livestock was plentiful,
Churches were built to confess acts that were sinful.
Schools were built to make the children’s future bright.
it was a time when people chased the impossible dream,
And, they worked together as a team,
To make glory and hope the promised end,
Of a Long and Winding Trail, my friend


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