ode to Diet Coke

you’ve been a sobering presence
your fake, sweetened bubbles
soothe my nauseous whims
and on this night called marathon
it is you that keeps my marrow on
oh, diet coke, oh

this ode
a most pretentious code
my Grandfather’s daily drink
I think
and now on the brink of poems
four and twenty
you and I have had plenty
of drooling pooling schooling ink
as your glass I clink
and dink

there’s ice
there’s no ice
there’s bottles and cans
there’s a twist of lime
there’s so many fans
oh, diet coke, oh
this ode’s full of woe

I often think from you I should wean
I worry that those ingredients are just not clean
for my body
my brain
my spirit
my disdain
knows that you are just a habit
the kind I’m wont to break
but Diet Coke
to finish this race
this Ode’s for you to take

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