9:00… 9:01… 9:02…
It’s been 32 minutes.
32 minutes past the time I should have stopped.
Should have laid down my book and glasses,
Stood and gone to the medicine cabinet.
32 minutes past when I take my pills.
Nothing so far has happened,
or so the Pages read
“I do believe I’m cured!” I CRY
but the doctors shake their heads.
“you’re not a pretzel-makkkk er ,”
sAys the one wiTh turQuoiSe skIN.
The sHark haS GOt mYY to n g ue.
i’m feeeeeeling or~ange, and qUiTe BBBrand,
l,i,k,e a kitten in a cup
i looke~ bac~k at the cloCccck and see
the REAPER’s back to r e a p^^
MY tImE is done, thE enD is here,
but staAArts baCK uPp at pearE
The WATER’s””” getTTTting hiGHer now
and aMMMMManDaDa wont stopp clogging!
The SEAs are pUUshINg at my s c/a/l/p
a swAn!!!! ((dowN my)thrOat)
I cough. Look up…
The book is on the floor.
I am standing by the chair.
All my friends are gone.
“Did you forget your medicine?”
asks Tom.
He’s right, that clever plant!

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