Young Affection

that stupid messy hair
has bothered her for weeks
she can’t stop drawing
his hands pushing unruly curls
he doesn’t ask her to smile
when they take a selfie
only adjusts the angle
about 400 times
the end result
is worth it
he gives her every pickle
from his burgers
because she likes the crunch
the vinegar and salt
his family is funny
so generous
with the little they can give
he makes her smile
most days
and when he can’t
he brings her gifts
of quiet
and time
to sort the sadness out
he isn’t always perfect
forgets some things
rarely on time
fails all his planned
Big Gestures
but she isn’t either
snaps when she’s hangry
isn’t good with feelings
has to slowly learn
to trust
she cuts his hair
in quarantine
long enough to curl
he frames her sketch
the two of them
wrapped up in a hug

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